Thursday, January 29, 2009

Totally impressed!!!!

Thank you Tracy for finding the lamb pattern. You are FAST!!!! Cyberhelpers are the greatest. Hope I can return the favor!!

I'm working on a PIF piece right now and am almost finished. It's been a fun piece to stitch and I'm trying to figure out how I want to finish it. I have a day to mull this over.

I'm over my stitching slump. I think this PIF got me back in the mood. Pretty soon you will see some finishes!!!

Thank you for stopping by and leaving me comments. I'm not seeing many people in this deep freeze so it's always great to hear from you!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

need help

Does anyone recognize this pattern? I'm in love with it. It was on a French blog and the post just mentioned "Mill Hill" - I've searched many ways but no luck. Hope someone out there knows this piece!

I am now working on finishing up my PIF's. I still have some time, but I'm getting it done. Speaking of...... Katrina- you won my PIF last July and I never heard from you. Are you still interested? Contact me please!

Another snowy, cold day. Soup is in the crock pot. I got the beef browned, threw all the ingredients in and started enjoying the aroma. Walked past the crock pot only to discover I never turned it on! I must have been smelling the browned beef!! I also have a spaghetti pie all ready for supper! Yummy!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Cleaning up!

I have been reading some blogs and there seems to be a theme- people sick and people cleaning. Luckily I am only in the cleaning group at this point except for a sore back. We are cleaning out 25 years of accumulated clutter. It was kind of fun at times - I came across the kids baby books and they are really enjoying them. I know some people do a great job with child one, less with next and the last has comments in the margins of the other books. Not me! Each book is chock full of stories and anecdotes. We laughed so hard. I did this for many years with each of them - minimum of 5 years and I'm so glad I took the time. If you are a young mother reading this - get your hands on a journal or baby book with lots of blank space and write and write. I used to set aside a time each month to update. It didn't take long and the joy of seeing the kids reactions now as young adults is priceless. Even if the kids are older - start. The remembered friends and events from when they were in 4th grade and beyond and treasure those tidbits as much as the baby updates. Our favorite parts of all three books were the misprounounced words: griefcase (briefcase), Hot Donalds (McDonalds), washslosh (wash cloth), gooster chair (booster chair), Hellophone (telephone) to mention a few.

I'm struggling to finish Noel. I'm not in the spirit but don't want it ending up a UFO. How many of you like receiving Christmas ornaments during the year? I need some input here!

We have 2 cats and they are NOT mousers. It seems when the cold weather comes, we have a few squatters and end up having to set up traps. Sweetie is a riot. She will bring us the mousetrap with the mouse in it as if to say "I caught a mouse! I love these things (mousetraps)!!" In a way it's preferable to them bringing me their carcasses to admire and praise without the trap attached.

I hope you are all warm and cozy! It's bitter cold here 9 degrees. Brr! Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


It's time consuming to download my photos as I have to hold the cable until they are loaded. What a drag! Nonetheless, I am committed to showing more of the progress I am making on pieces as I love seeing photos on other people's blogs. So, here goes.

Here she is - I'm really enjoying stitching her (thanks for the inspiration, Staci) I switched to backstitching and am enjoying it even more- I can manage the smaller curves nicely. I went out and bought buttons for her for the end.

Here's my freebie Noel that I started around Christmas and somehow lost the Christmas spirit. I am thinking - who wants to get a Christmas piece now? We're so saturated from the early appearance of Christmas in retail, it's hard to maintain that innocent anticipation after 4 months. I love Christmas, don't get me wrong!! Maybe I'm just ready for some Valentine excitement at this point. I'll hurry up and finish it and move on. I'm really liking this piece, too.

Has anyone seen the gorgeous piece Daffyduck has designed for her daughter's birthday? It's worth taking look. She is generously giving us her chart for free - Thank you, Sharon!!!

Another cold day in Rochester- I'm definitely going to set a cross stitch goal for the next few days and hopefully, you'll see the fruits of my labor!

Thanks for stopping by! I appreciate your friendship and support.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Still working on it!

I actually finished one of my pieces. It's a gift and I took pictures but you'll have to wait to see what I made.

I started on a freebie last night - the tracing paper wasn't cooperating. I tried pencil and the design kept disappearing!! I had to laugh- it was a comedy of spooks making my markings disappear! I was watching Mr. Mom - an old favorite that I found on TV while I was stitching - still enjoyed it after all these years.

This piece is embroidered. I forgot how much I like embroidery. I saw this piece on Staci's site in October and just got the notion that I needed to do one, too! Gotta love those freebies! I'm using 2 strands of DMC floss on white flannel. You can almost see the design if you look hard! I am using an outline stitch, but maybe a backstitch would be better. Maybe I'll use both- the backstitch is a very versatile stitch.

I appreciate your stopping by and as always, enjoy your comments. In this freezing cold, you are my only outside contacts!! How sad is that! We just finished a single digit cold spell which lasted a week- you folks in the north know what I'm talking about!! Brr.....

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Back in the saddle again!

Tnanks for all your supportive comments. I picked up the Noel I was working on and put in a few stitches. It was fun to be stitching again!

I made a few "Draft Dodgers" yesterday and today. I live in a older home (about 90 years old -seems hard to believe!) and some of the windows are drafty. It's in the single digits here in western NY and frigid. I could feel the air seeping through the kitchen window and set off to make some draft stoppers - fabric tubes filled with kitty litter. I learned a few things in making them - estimate a wider piece of fabric than you think you will need. If you fill the tube pretty solid (to give it the weight it needs), it isn't as wide as you think it will turn out! It's rounder and higher and that makes it narrower (if that makes any sense to you!). I had to make a second one and if truth be told, I should have made it even bigger, but it is working ok. I used the first one on the middle sash of the window which didn't need the same width as the sill. I'm pleased! I also came up with a great idea for a funnel. I needed a funnel with a wider bottom to accommodate the kitty litter I was pouring in. I took a 20 oz. soda bottle and off the bottom third. The opening at the neck went into the tube and was easy to hold and I used the bottom of the bottle as a scooper! It was a cheap solution and worked really well. The only thing I would've done differently is tie a scarf around my nose and mouth. The dust from the kitty litter kind of aggravated my nose and lungs a tiny bit. I also learned a trick on-line. I've been making these for years and never thought of this. One site suggested ironing interfacing on the fabric and I used that idea. It keeps the fine dust particles from sneaking out of the weave of the fabric. I guess you can always learn new things!

Here's another thing I like to make for myself and the family - different size cozies. I sew a two pieces of fabric together in square shape or rectangle (or other shape like a kitty) and fill it with uncooked rice and stitch it shut. Warm this in the microwave and put it on sore joints or muscles. I like to put them on my forehead or cheeks when I have a cold to help drain my sinuses and it feels really good. Don't fill them too full and they will shape around the body part. In these parts, we warm them up just to warm up our hands or feet when it's this cold out! It's a nice moist heat (believe it or not) and feels wonderful. Slip one in bed while you're brushing your teeth and it warms you right up! Flannel is my favorite fabric to use, but any fabric is suitable. Now if you are out there saying "I wish I knew how to sew!" help is on the way. You can fill an old sock with rice, put a rubber band tightly to secure the rice and pop it in the microwave. Not fancy - that's for sure, but it works! When the rice gets really old and smells slightly burned (this doesn't happen for a long time!), just replace the rice or make a new one! Hey - you could use my new bottle funnel to fill the rice!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year to everyone! I hope this year brings you a positive change in an area where you are wishing for one!

I haven't stitched ONE STITCH since my Christmas project for Lauralai!!! I cant' seem to get going. We are in the midst of cleaning out 30 years of accumulation in our attic and that is huge! It feels good to be getting it done.

I have been reading blogs and getting inspired- now I have to get going on my own stuff. I guess I have to remember that this is supposed to be a pleasurable pastime, not a competition. It's hard not to get down on oneself when others are being productive. I will be gentle on my soul and pick up a UFO and that should get me going in the right direction.

Thanks for stopping by! I appreciate your comments and your support.