Saturday, September 27, 2008

It's been a while!!

I didn't realize how long it's been since I wrote so I'll do a little updating. I finished a few pieces and if my camera cooperates, I'll show you what I've done. Again - stalled at the finishing stage! The finishing fairy still hasn't visited and whisked away the finished stitching that is piling up. I saw the finishing challenge site but I think what I need to belong to is "finish a piece from your drawer" group.

I went to Niagara Falls with my husband. We reserved a "fallsview" room. By "fallsview" they meant - you are able to view the falls from your room but it's an effort and you have to stand in one spot and crane your neck to see them in the distance! The actual huge window wall looked out onto two cement walls of other buildings nearby. We have had "fallsview" rooms there before and the whole vista was the falls - you could lie in bed and wake up to the view of the falls. We approached the desk but "there were no other available rooms". Hmph! We had a good time anyway. I planned on doing a ton of stitching while my husband presented at a conference. I did not get "a ton" done. I got approximately 10 ounces done.

Here's part of my stash - I'm getting organized - my cat was "helping".

I ran out of Floss A Way bags - went back for the package of 100 - no one has them. My project is on hold.

Here are the chickadees I finished a few months ago. It was a kit and believe it or not, I started this in 2001!! It's embarrassing but true! The photo doesn't do it justice - the aida is more yellowish. I need a class in how to photograph my work.....

I really love chickadees and it's hard to find really pretty patterns for them. This one is so pretty and one of the few I have fallen in love with. Eight years to stitch.... how many years till it's framed??? Ohh dear......

More updates when i find some more patience for the camera.....

Hows everyone doing? Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, September 15, 2008

more action!

I'm getting a little more traffic on my site thanks to my PIF on Michele's site! It's really fun meeting all these new people - thanks for stopping by and leaving comments.

I went to Joann's to get some floss and who do I run into but my neighbor from across the street. I hardly see her from day to day, but am more apt to run into her at a store! We went for bagels and tea and had a lovely time catching up. What a perk! New floss AND a tea break!

I am going to be posting a photo of a chickadee piece that I finished recently but haven't ironed. I had a request to have it posted so I'll try to get that up soon. I really need to get some sleep before work tonight and finish gathering my needlework.

Have a great day!

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Here's something I started at work - I don't have a pattern to work on and this was in a folder of stuff I collected. I had seen it in purples and blues- did the right hand heart in blue and don't like it. I think it will work better as a one color piece so I'll rip out the blue. I'm enjoying doing it.

I went to the lns after lusting after everyone else's patterns but felt lost in there. I hadn't slept much and felt sick to my stomach from not eating (I hate the day after my last night of work!). I browsed but wasn't moved into buying a single pattern. I did end up with a freebie that was stitched up which looks fun. The best part was I got a few packages of fabric. They didn't used to have these, but now they have baskets filled with precut pieces of different sizes (probably remnants) and that was fun to look through. For a change there was a really sweet clerk who I didn't mind dealing with and eyeballed a piece of fabric for a needlebook I want to do some day.

I am now in limbo - unsure what to make next but desparate to get something going! PANIC!

I stopped at my newly discovered needlework shop and did find something I liked - $26 not including fabric. I told her I'd think on it!

Thanks for stopping - I appreciate your comments.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Here's the PIF I sent!

It was really fun doing the PIF. It was my first one and I still have 3 more people to make things for and they are currently in the works! Here are some pictures of my finished piece-

The bag is made out of red corduroy. The cross stitch is a pocket on the front of the tote.

The lining has little red strawberries on it.

Thanks for stopping by! I appreciate your comments - they're really fun to read!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wow!!!! My first PIF!!

I woke up from a long day's sleep and what should I find waiting for me on my kitchen table? My PIF from Staci. Now it was exciting enough to get a package in the mail, but to have it from Staci was simply exciting. Here's what I got!

Look at the ribbon!! It has my initial on it! (Staci, how did you do that???) Isn't it exquisite? I just love it!!!

Here's a photo of the back:

My camera is acting weird so the photos don't do it justice, but believe me, the stitching is perfect and the finish is unbelievable. Impeccable.

Staci - thank you!!!! Those words don't seem sufficient to to express my love of your gift to me, but multiply it about 100x and that's how much it is!

The scissors came at the best time possible! I have been using some scissors lately that in comparison to the ones she sent to clip threads close work like preschool chunky scissors with blunted ends. I have been so frustrated with them! The timing was perfect.

Staci inspires me to greater heights. She attends so much to details - it was wrapped and had raffia tied around it. The whole presentation was part of the gift and that is what makes her work and her so special.

My day is officially made!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

more white woes!

I'm working on a freebie chart which is sort of a sampler. It has a white flower and it is on kind of an ecru aida. I didn't like it - the flower wasn't showing up and just fading into the background leaving the center standing out! I backstitched around the white petals with a light grey and it did the trick! I'm sure having my problems with whites, aren't I???

How's everyone doing?

Thanks for stopping by - love your comments.


Sunday, September 7, 2008

Shout outs

A shout out to Andrea who helped me find a pattern I was lusting after - thank you!! And a shout out to Staci, bless your heart for answering all my questions. I'm not new to cross stitch, but having a blog and reading everyone else's blogs has helped me stretch in my craft, exposed me to new ideas and have given me immeasurable inspiration. At first it was intimidating to see how prolific some stitchers are. Now I just see their work as a catalyst to keep stitching. It's not a competition - it's a pastime. I love doing it. I am loving cross stitching more than ever before. Thank you to all who share your photos and your hints and experiences. I am so glad to have you as fellow stitchers - all accomplishing great things and friendly to boot!

I have finally uploaded my tote bag finish and will post as soon as my PIF recipient receives it!

Many thanks for reading my blog and leaving comments. It's always fun to read your comments.

Happy stitching!


Thursday, September 4, 2008


I've finally finished my first PIF! I can't show photos yet, I want my recipient to get the first look. I hope she likes it!

Thanks for the advice on the red needlework. I never thought to change my needle - maybe it is shredding the thread a bit and shedding onto the unstitched areas.

I'd love to hear how people are finishing their cross stitches. I'm not a fan of pinkeeps, and I already know framing things. I'm looking for more ideas. In a perfect world, I'd stitch and give it away unfinished or there would be a finishing fairy!

I have had an unexpected bonus of not having to work most of this week due to a low census. I can guarantee that the minute school is in session for a few days, we will be full again. Little do the patients know - they have a few hours of school in the hospital, too!

I am enjoying the beautiful weather that always comes with the first week of school. How cruel for the students but great anyway.