Saturday, January 24, 2009

Cleaning up!

I have been reading some blogs and there seems to be a theme- people sick and people cleaning. Luckily I am only in the cleaning group at this point except for a sore back. We are cleaning out 25 years of accumulated clutter. It was kind of fun at times - I came across the kids baby books and they are really enjoying them. I know some people do a great job with child one, less with next and the last has comments in the margins of the other books. Not me! Each book is chock full of stories and anecdotes. We laughed so hard. I did this for many years with each of them - minimum of 5 years and I'm so glad I took the time. If you are a young mother reading this - get your hands on a journal or baby book with lots of blank space and write and write. I used to set aside a time each month to update. It didn't take long and the joy of seeing the kids reactions now as young adults is priceless. Even if the kids are older - start. The remembered friends and events from when they were in 4th grade and beyond and treasure those tidbits as much as the baby updates. Our favorite parts of all three books were the misprounounced words: griefcase (briefcase), Hot Donalds (McDonalds), washslosh (wash cloth), gooster chair (booster chair), Hellophone (telephone) to mention a few.

I'm struggling to finish Noel. I'm not in the spirit but don't want it ending up a UFO. How many of you like receiving Christmas ornaments during the year? I need some input here!

We have 2 cats and they are NOT mousers. It seems when the cold weather comes, we have a few squatters and end up having to set up traps. Sweetie is a riot. She will bring us the mousetrap with the mouse in it as if to say "I caught a mouse! I love these things (mousetraps)!!" In a way it's preferable to them bringing me their carcasses to admire and praise without the trap attached.

I hope you are all warm and cozy! It's bitter cold here 9 degrees. Brr! Thanks for stopping by!


Irishenchantment said...

hi jean how are you? nice stories about the baby books, i have mine from i was a baby and its something i will treasure and something i plan to do when i have kids also

well its freezing cold here too...snow tomarrow "again" chat to you soon....

shel xo

Daffycat said...

Awww, that was so good of you to keep up those baby journals! It's fun to go through old keepsakes, especially when you haven't seen them in years!

We get mice some winters...yuck! I hate the thought of their dirty little feet walking in my kitchen! Never use bait poison though, my parents did that one time. It was hell searching out those smelly dead bodies! EWWWW!

Rachel said...

Loved the cat story. Dont think my furry one would know what to do if he met up with a live mouse let alone a dead one!

Chiloe said...

I'm not cleaning and only my kid is sick (yet ... maybe we'll catch it ... lol) I think we always keep too many things ... baby books are great ;-)

Tracy said...

I have to say, I'm guilty of having a beautiful first baby book for my oldest and barely anything for my youngest. I went through a really bad time when she was little. I do however keep a stitching journal that has entries on the girls, things I'd forgotten about. Cleaning up feels good, now I only need to sew my curtains and finish those Good Will chairs I bought awhile ago.


Michele said...

loved this post! I don't think my cats would know what to do with a mouse! lol

what fun finding the baby books .. my favoriate mispronuncation was fruck, said really loud! lol

I love receiving ornaments any time of year .. does it help if you set aside a day that is for holiday stitching? then the rest of the week you can focus on something else?