Wednesday, January 21, 2009


It's time consuming to download my photos as I have to hold the cable until they are loaded. What a drag! Nonetheless, I am committed to showing more of the progress I am making on pieces as I love seeing photos on other people's blogs. So, here goes.

Here she is - I'm really enjoying stitching her (thanks for the inspiration, Staci) I switched to backstitching and am enjoying it even more- I can manage the smaller curves nicely. I went out and bought buttons for her for the end.

Here's my freebie Noel that I started around Christmas and somehow lost the Christmas spirit. I am thinking - who wants to get a Christmas piece now? We're so saturated from the early appearance of Christmas in retail, it's hard to maintain that innocent anticipation after 4 months. I love Christmas, don't get me wrong!! Maybe I'm just ready for some Valentine excitement at this point. I'll hurry up and finish it and move on. I'm really liking this piece, too.

Has anyone seen the gorgeous piece Daffyduck has designed for her daughter's birthday? It's worth taking look. She is generously giving us her chart for free - Thank you, Sharon!!!

Another cold day in Rochester- I'm definitely going to set a cross stitch goal for the next few days and hopefully, you'll see the fruits of my labor!

Thanks for stopping by! I appreciate your friendship and support.

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Shelleen said...

Jean, I am so sick of this snow and cold lol. Got to love western NY. I have been getting in more stitching time.