Saturday, August 2, 2008

Happy Weekend!

It was a rough week back to work in terms of sleeping! I couldn't get back into the groove of sleeping during the day. I finished the christmas tree and started a Lizzie Kate freebie which I have wanted to do. My DH worked on bills while I stitched and finished the piece! (I'm not that fast- he had 2 weeks worth of mail to go through!). I have to start framing or finishing my pieces before I get too far behind. Heck - I've got stuff sitting in my drawer that has been there for a few years...oops. I hate to admit it! It's one thing if it's a WIP, but these are finished pieces!! I should take a few photos. Maybe someone could put a little pressure on me......

It's a weird weekend - the sun pokes out and looks like it's ready to take over and before I know it- thunderstorms. We have now had rain EVERY single weekend this summer. It isn't always a washout, but enough to just ruin plans and festivals. Our city has a big arts fair this weekend on a trendy street. I feel bad for the vendors. Maybe tomorrow will shape up to be nicer for them. I'm content to skip the festival and work on my cross stitch.

I am starting a pattern called Peace by Sanman designs. I saw a finished piece and couldn't find it online. I emailed Sanman and she sent it over to me really fast! I'm going to start watching out for her designs.

My Peace, Joy, Love looks a bit lopsided, but it's just how I put it back in hoop to take the photo- still struggling along with that skill!!! LOL!

Have a wonderful weekend! Thanks for stopping by!

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