Friday, August 15, 2008

white on white

I'm working on a piece that has a big white dove and I'm doing it on white aida. I have to say - this is a drag and I'm totally not enjoying it. I had a quiet night at work and started plugging away on it and the time flew as my tech and I exchanged stories of our labors and funny anecdotes. I'm happy to say the dove is done - not my best work by far. Somehow some lint got woven into the white making parts of it look soiled even though it isn't. I'll be happy to get the backstitching done and some of the Peace stitched. Unfortunately, I'm having some thumb joint pain and had to tape my joint which helped a bit.

Here's the start to a lap robe I'm making for the veterans. They are trying to collect 25,000 lap robes for the vets by Nov. 1. I've made this pattern before - it's fast and dimensional which I love! The yarn is so soft to the touch and I'm really enjoying working on this piece!
Have a great weekend! Thanks for stopping by!


Jennifer said...

Sometimes a bit of masking tape can help lift the lint off and out (like one of those roller lint removers). I also keep a pair of tiny tweezers in my stitching stuff - useful for getting out stuck bits, especially cat hair!

Daffycat said...

White on white can be a pain! I agree with Jennifer, use a lint roller or a bit of tape to pull out those fuzzies! I hope your thumb feels better soon!