Sunday, September 7, 2008

Shout outs

A shout out to Andrea who helped me find a pattern I was lusting after - thank you!! And a shout out to Staci, bless your heart for answering all my questions. I'm not new to cross stitch, but having a blog and reading everyone else's blogs has helped me stretch in my craft, exposed me to new ideas and have given me immeasurable inspiration. At first it was intimidating to see how prolific some stitchers are. Now I just see their work as a catalyst to keep stitching. It's not a competition - it's a pastime. I love doing it. I am loving cross stitching more than ever before. Thank you to all who share your photos and your hints and experiences. I am so glad to have you as fellow stitchers - all accomplishing great things and friendly to boot!

I have finally uploaded my tote bag finish and will post as soon as my PIF recipient receives it!

Many thanks for reading my blog and leaving comments. It's always fun to read your comments.

Happy stitching!



staci said...

My pleasure Jean :) Isn't it great how helpful the blogging community is?! I'm glad you found the pattern you were looking for.

Andrea said...

Anytime Jean. You'll always find someone that knows. :)