Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wow!!!! My first PIF!!

I woke up from a long day's sleep and what should I find waiting for me on my kitchen table? My PIF from Staci. Now it was exciting enough to get a package in the mail, but to have it from Staci was simply exciting. Here's what I got!

Look at the ribbon!! It has my initial on it! (Staci, how did you do that???) Isn't it exquisite? I just love it!!!

Here's a photo of the back:

My camera is acting weird so the photos don't do it justice, but believe me, the stitching is perfect and the finish is unbelievable. Impeccable.

Staci - thank you!!!! Those words don't seem sufficient to to express my love of your gift to me, but multiply it about 100x and that's how much it is!

The scissors came at the best time possible! I have been using some scissors lately that in comparison to the ones she sent to clip threads close work like preschool chunky scissors with blunted ends. I have been so frustrated with them! The timing was perfect.

Staci inspires me to greater heights. She attends so much to details - it was wrapped and had raffia tied around it. The whole presentation was part of the gift and that is what makes her work and her so special.

My day is officially made!


staci said...

Oh Jean, I'm glad you liked it! Your words are so very sweet. It was my pleasure to make this for you :) {{hugs}}

Michele said...

I so know what you mean about you day Jean .... I'm still smiling!

What a great PIF from Staci :) Love those scissors!

becca said...

WOW..what a great PIF. I was just over at Michele's blog and saw the wonderfull bag you sent her. Very nice.

Carol R said...

A wonderful PIF from Staci - Queen of the Floss Tags!