Friday, October 17, 2008

cross stitcher magazine

The Cattitude piece I am working on comes from a collection by Margaret Sherry. A while back she did a calendar with all Cattitudes. I haven't seen the Cross stitcher magazine here - it originates in Great Britain, I believe. Well, today at Joann's they had a copy and it had a 16 month free calendar and each month has a different animal cross stitch. She just captures animals in the cutest way. I was going to use my coupon on it, and then realized I probably wouldn't make any of the patterns, but wanted to give you a heads up if you like her work! It's a good bargain with a coupon. Joann's doesn't carry many copies of each magazine - you have to get them right when they hit the market.

I totally need a tutorial on photographing my cross stitch. I just looked at the sheep and the photo is pathetic! The background is a lovely green and the sheep really stand out on it. It's crisp and neat, but the photo is horrible! Anyone out there ready to give a tutorial??

I'm all set to take a drive tomorrow and see the foliage changes. It should be just about peak at this point and for a change, the weather should be sunny. We are entering the cloudy season here so the sunny days are treasures.

Thank you to all who have posted.

PS - Shel - I will do my "tag" information soon!

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Diane said...

My nominees for the stitching photography tutorial would be Su ( and her sister Helen ( Have you seen the pictures on their blogs???!!! WOW!!! They are FABULOUS!!!! Their stitching is amazing, and the way that they accessorize the shots enhances, without overwhelming the subject. I, for one, would love some tips from them!