Saturday, October 4, 2008


I dumped out my work craft bag and found a few pieces that I haven't shown you. I really like how the love turned out, though the photo is a bit blurry. I need a tutorial on getting good shots of my cross stitch.
A few years ago, I adopted a second cat who I named Sasha. She is as sweet as the day is long and quite shy. My other cat is named Sweetie and once Sasha arrived on the scene, we should have renamed Sweetie Meanie. She hated and I mean HATED Sasha. Nothing we tried worked to get them to live peacefully together. We had to resort to having an upstairs cat and downstairs cat - much like the series "upstairs downstairs". Sweetie terrorized Sasha. They had limited visits on the same floor each day with little improvement on Sweetie's part. Sasha was terrified of Sweetie and so life went in our household. I consulted numerous articles about how to introduce them to no avail. I was not about to give up and continued to provide them with "supervised visits". Fur flew, tails bushed out, chasing ensued. Fast forward 18 months. Sasha is twice the size as Sweetie, though Sweetie is clearly boss of the house. They have been able to live in relative peace and by peace I mean the tail bushing has stopped and Sasha isn't as terrified of Sweetie. They fight and chase each other. I read that if there isn't hissing, bushy tails, claws exposed or blood drawn, you can let the cats work out their territory by fighting. It was hard, but all the conditions seemed right. Little by little they became slightly more tolerant of each other but continued the daily fights until the present. We keep the door to the upstairs open and each cat can roam freely around the house. I wouldn't say they are friends yet. They continue to chase each other although the aggressor changes from one minute to the next leading me to believe that they have not worked out the pecking order. They both want to be boss. One will chase the other into the kitchen and on the way back, they reverse roles. It's been an interesting journey. Then the other day my husband reported seeing them both on the couch - not together, but still on the couch. The next day he called me to come quickly. I didn't think I could photograph them fast enough but they sat quietly looking at me as I took their pictures. I must say - Miracles do happen!I never gave up believing they could live in harmony. The articles all said that it might take a few months - if it took longer than that, it was unlikely that they would ever would work it out. I guess 18 months is "a few months" in cat time! I'm really happy about this progress. Sweetie is on the left, and Sasha is on the right. The pics don't show the size difference, but Sasha really is twice the weight of Sweetie.


Daffycat said...

That a cute finish!

I'm so glad the kitties have learned to tolerate each other. It's nice to see them resting together!

Michele said...

love that finish!

ok .. we really are living parallel lives .. I couldn't believe I was reading about another terrorized cat! We have three indoor cats. Subie and Chloe came first, Beau came about 2 years later. Beau was about 4-5 years older than S&C, who we adopted when they were kittens. Beau immediate asserted his dominance, which we expected, but we didn't expect Chloe to become so freaked out that she really isn't the same cat .. we did all the things the books tell you to do and what the vet suggested, but they continued to fight, fur flying and all. Chloe because the upstairs cat, Beau the downstairs cat, and Subie just gets along with everyone! lol ... the last 6 months things have gotten a bit better .. we've had sightings of me stitching, and three cats laying on various parts of the large sofa .. strange little animals they are!