Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Here's the progress I've made on my Cattitude. It's been fun working on. I am going to change the colors on the kitty a little to make it look more like my cat. So far it's close! As you saw in a previous post - my kitties love to help me cross stitch!

I am getting concerned about the increasing pile of pieces that need to be finished. It has bothered me that we don't have different terms for finishing the cross stitch vs finishing the cross stitch in it's final state! I might have make up some new terms!

One more night of work and I'm off until Monday at midnight. My youngest son is coming home for a few days which I'm looking forward to. No plans just yet- I'm sure he'll sleep a lot. His job entails him working long hours and I know he will just want to catch up on sleep - that's ok with me. I can relate to being sleep deprived.

Thank you for stopping by! I appreciate your comments- it's a high point if you know what I mean!


Ginnie said...

Oh, your kitty is looking cute!

staci said...

Very cute wip :) Have a good time with your son :)

Shelleen said...

love the kitty. I set aside one weekend a month and call it a FAL, Finish a Long and you pull out some of your finished [ieces that need to be finished and I do this with another blogging friend. I still have to find out what weekend is good for me, in November. You should try it.

Daffycat said...

Wonderful progress! I can't wait to see more!

Have a good time with your son.

Andrea said...

Great progress. Enjoy the time with your son.