Saturday, November 1, 2008


I have photos to share and my cord to transfer to the computer is gone. . I don't even know how this is possible as I live with ADULTS! Ok, I'm discounting the kitties as the perpetrators but maybe I am being hasty!

I'll update you anyway! My ARGH is twofold (the first you already know). The second is that I worked like a fiend to complete the lapghan for the Christmas project organized by Soldiers Angels due date. They requested 25,000 hand made lap robes to distribute to veterans at Christmas. I finished and called the local contact person and she said "We don't need any." Not only did they not need any, she was unaware that the Angels had this project going. On the bright side, I now have a little lap robe to wear when I'm sitting at the computer and the heat has gone off late at night! Most likely I'll take it over to the nursing home where my mother is living and see if they can use it. There are all sorts of charities that can use these items.

Today while I was at the grocery store, there was a woman sampling one of the soups. I immediately had to have soup! I got all the ingredients and got it going in the crock pot. Yum.... hamburger soup. It was lovely and warm for Halloween, but today it's brisk and definitely soup weather!

My day was so lovely - I just love days like these. I went to Curves first thing and that was great. I stopped off at the library and they had a book on hold for me - perfect. I also had a few interactions with some older folks and it was so uplifting. The library isn't a common place for people to strike up conversations. I also ran into a fellow teacher from the school where I used to work - that was fun, too. I got all my Halloween decorations put away and am on to Thanksgiving. I just love thanksgiving. My Halloween collection is witches and for Thanksgiving I have a nice collection of turkeys and pilgrims. I love Thanksgiving best. We are together with our loved ones and it's a no stress holiday in my opinion. I love Christmas too, but it comes with a lot of energy expended! How can you not love a holiday that has pies!

Hope you are all safe and happy! Thanks for stopping by! Love your comments!


Ginnie said...

Hope you find the camera cable..... it'll turn up somewhere you least expect it. We also made soup yesterday - leek and potato - must be the cold weather!!

Kathi said...

Sent you an email...I think I can help you get an address to send the lapghan to for Soldiers Angels.