Sunday, February 22, 2009


Thank you for all your input about kits. It seems as though everyone just kits up using a skein for each color as indicated on the chart.

My question was more about cutting lengths of floss and putting them on a floss card and wondering how to estimate the number of strands (or lengths) of floss to use.

I have done it this way for years but usually it was for smaller charts. When I started cross stitch years ago, I started by doing kits and they would come with all the floss cut in strands to separate and put on the enclosed card with holes in it. I assumed that people were doing that too, when they said the kitted a piece.

It's been interesting to hear that most people just toss a whole skein in the bag for the project and it sure makes a lot more sense than the way I've been doing it! Especially with DMC which goes on sale often for a pretty cheap price! When I have used the overdyed, I always just put the whole skein together with the project.

Speaking of overdyed floss, I need to invest in some. It gives such a lovely result! I hardly have any at all. I'll have to remember that for my birthday.

I haven't shown the pieces I have been working on as they are gifts. I need to send them out but just haven't gotten around to them. As I assembled them into finished projects, I was thinking - I should do a tutorial! I sat back and closed my eyes till that crazy thought passed - especially since I cut my fabric out too small BOTH times I did this project!! You probably heard me screaming around 2 o'clock EST!!!! Sorry!

I've enjoyed reading everyone's posts. I certainly enjoy all your comments and I appreciate that you have taken time to leave them!! You're the best!
Love and stitches,

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Daffycat said...

Ha! We all make stupid mistakes like that! But I bet now you won't make that mistake for a long time, right? I'd love to see a tutorial...

Yes, I usually just kit up with a full skein or even a partial skein if I have one. Could this be the reason I end up with 7 skeins of the same color but none of another?

I only use floss cards if the pattern I'm stitching uses blended threads. I usually find it too much trouble to re-thread my floss through those doofy holes. I like the bags because I can quickly pop the thread back in and go on.