Thursday, February 26, 2009

Here's Rochester, New York!

Remember a while back, I was lamenting that an old piece had stains and rust on it? Not all the stains came out, but it isn't too obvious to the untrained eye. The rust didn't come out, but I just stitched over the few spots where the stitches were rusty and it covered it ok. It would have been better if they were full x's instead of 1/2 cross, but nonetheless, it's done. I noticed it shows in the photo if you click on it, but luckily in real life it isn't as obvious!

I bought the frame for FIFTY CENTS!!! I couldn't believe it! It's hard to find the right size frame for longer pieces - they're all pretty standard, but this was an OOPS at Joanns. There aren't many I've found that work out, nor for such a cheap price!

That's the good news. The bad news is I cut the acid free foam core for mounting just enough too small that it barely covers the opening. It doesn't show but I have to play around on the back to wedge the piece in tightly. I'm saving it to give to my husband. Like I said earlier, this was a very early piece I stitched and I can really see a difference in my stitching from then to now.

I am on a kick to get things framed and finished. I really want to start a few new things, but it will have to wait. You know my fantasy of the finishing fairy showing up. Well, maybe, just maybe a finishing inspiration has come over me!

I'll show you another piece tomorrow.

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Daffycat said...

Wow, awesome deal you got on that frame! WTG! Your stitching looks fab all framed up. The stains are hardly noticeable.