Monday, February 2, 2009


I have finished a PIF but haven't sent it out yet. Hence- no pictures. I am pleased with how it came out.

Thanks to Tracy's detective work, I was able to order the Spring Lamb kit pictured below. I didn't realize that it was all beaded until I got it. I made one of these in the past and really liked it. I have to be very careful not to drop the beads- that's torture!!! I am looking forward to starting it in the next few days.

Thanks for stopping by and I appreciate your kindness leaving comments.

Hugs and Stitches!


Daffycat said...

Yay, new stash! You can always convert the beads to stitches if you want to do it again. need a Tacky BOB. Go here and scroll down:

I dinna do beads without HANDY!

Tracy said...

I love beading! I use Black Swan Design's Bead Butler. Have you seen it? The website is, take a look! I think I'm going to check out the Tacky BOB that Daffycat suggests.

Can't wait to see the sheep design started!

Chiloe said...

Just stopping by to say thank you for the kind words you always leave on my blog !!! I truly appreciate them. Thank you thank you thank you dear Jean !!!!