Tuesday, February 10, 2009

How do you estimate?

Thanks for the responses to my previous post.

I am still looking for how to estimate how much floss to use if I want to make up a kit. Any advice?


Tracy said...

I'm not too sure. I always follow the chart. Don't all charts tell you how much floss to buy?

Tracy said...


Lindsay said...

This might help http://www.hand-dyedfibers.com/oscnuked/modules.php?name=Floss_Calculator

Daffycat said...

Most instructions tell you if you need more than one skein of floss. If it's a fairly large project I'll buy a new skein.

I use floss baggies to store my floss. In fact, I recently posted how I store my floss on my blog.

Kathy said...

Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. Now to answer your question. I put the entire skien in each pattern thast I kit up. In other words I most likely have many, many duplicate DMC's butthen I have many many patterns kitted and waiting to be stitched. LOL
Hmmmmmmm might be a good blog post here.

Gabi said...

If it's DMC, I don't really care. It's easy to buy another one in the same color. I do blend the last bit of floss with the new skein to be sure to have no eventual color differences showing up.
If it's hand dyed fibers I'm more careful and estimate generous. Most patterns tell you how much you need, and I never went over that.
If a chart doesn't tell you, I simply look and if it seems that I'll need close to a full skein I'll buy 2 skeins- just to be sure. I rather have to much then too little, and if I have to much, I'll use it up for little ornaments and such. I use there mostly anyway rests of my hand dyed fibers for.