Friday, July 11, 2008


I haven't given much thought to finishing projects. I have typically framed my work, but after seeing all sorts of fun finishes on blogs, I've started doing a little research into different finishing techniques to try. My mind will be conjuring up all sorts of goodies.

My shift was promising to be a quiet one last night and just about the time I took out my cross stitch - I realized I didn't have a needle. Thankfully Sandy had one in her car and by the time she brought it back, I'd gotten a call that we were getting an admission! I know that's what I'm there to do - nursing work..... but getting a little down time to stitch is such a nice bonus! I will spend the weekend doing some chores around here and planning time for stitching.

I'm not usually good at spending money on myself, but this time I have set aside a little budget for framing! Now that I am working straight nights - "graveyard shift", I get a bonus and will be squirreling that away for my cross stitch! I'm really happy about this decision. Now it will take actually dragging my sorry body to a frame shop to start making some framing decisions!! I have to lie down and calm myself.... it's too much to even imagine! I need a framing buddy! I'll dream about it while I'm getting calm.....

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