Thursday, July 3, 2008

Pay it forward

Believe it or not, I will be receiving one of Staci's items through her pay it forward. I was lucky she chose 4 names instead of 3!!! Yipee!! I am VERY excited. I found out the news while I was at work and it just thrilled me. I now feel like I am an official part of the cross stitch bloggers!

It is my turn to Pay It Forward! (PIF) I will chose 3 names of people who comment on this post. In the next 365 days I will send them something I have stitched. If you would like to receive something from me, feel free to post. You must agree to PIF if your name is chosen. I will chose the names on Saturday July 5. Good luck!


Diane said...

Count me in!

Crazee4books said...

Hi Jean,

Thank you for visiting my blog
and leaving a comment. And
welcome to the wonderful world
of blogging. I hope you will
enjoy it as much as I have.

I'm still learning how to do
things with my blog, and I've
been blogging for about 2 years
now. For instance, I'd love
to add Blinkies to my sidebar,
but it involves Html codes
(or some such thing) which I am clueless about.

So you'll catch on soon enough.
If I can do it (well, most of
it...some of it?) then so can

I don't take part in exchanges
or PIF (much as I'd like to)
because I am no good at finishes.
But I look forward to seeing
what you'll be making for your
new blog friends who do sign up.

Lucky you, getting something
from Staci. She's an amazing
stitcher, isn't she?

I should finish off this little
epic here before it gets too
much longer. Thanks again for
visiting. Look forward to
hearing from you again.


Jean said...

Finish? You mean I have to FINISH the project? Oops! I'm guessing I will have to revise my plan which was to just do the FUN part - the stitching... Hmm.....

Hazel said...

Hi Jean just waving hello at you as I saw you on Staci's blog. Staci does some wonderful stitching so I am sure you will get something very very nice. Welcome to blogland. You will have lots of fun I'm sure. Feel free to visit my blog and say hi back. xx

samplerlover said...

Hi Jean, thank you for paying a visit to my blog. Welcome to blog land. I joined nearly 12 months ago, and I have met some lovely ladies who I have become friends with.
I know what you mean about somethings being a bit difficult having a blog. Sometimes I have need my youngest son who is 13 to get me out of trouble.
I also don't go into exchanges etc. as all the samplers that I seem to pick and like are usually HUGE LOL.
It's lovely to win something from someone else in blogger land isn't it. Staci's work is lovely. - take care - Sandra.

Katrina said...

Thanks, now I know what PIF means (LOL) and I would love to be included so I also can "Pay it Forwawrd". Thanks

Irene said...

Heard about your blog on Staci's. I've just received some of her stitching and it is wonderful, she does the most fabulous finishes.