Thursday, July 3, 2008

It only took an hour!

Yup, it only took an hour - TO GET THIS PHOTO IN MY BLOG!!! I guess there's hope for me yet!

This is my niece Mary holding a cross stitch I gave her for Christmas. It's the only photo of my work I have at this point, but wanted to at least give everyone a chance to see that I really do cross stitch a bit better than I blog!

Thanks for all the welcoming comments, friends! It made me happy to see that someone other than my husband read my blog.....

I am working on a piece that is frustrating me. It's two pieces which can be sewn as a door hanging - one says Good morning and the other side says Good evening. It's by Brightneedle. I get to stitching the good morning piece which has the first half the alphabet. I finish the alphabet only to discover that the letter J is missing. It is just not in the alphabet! I rip out K, L and M and add my own rendition of a J. ARGH! I tackle the good evening piece, start working on the alphabet section and notice the V is missing (or U) - it's hard to tell in this variation! Back to the drawing board. I stitched in a V and will modify the pattern a bit to accommodate it. Who leaves out letters of the alphabet? Don't we need J&V anymore? Heck, if that's so, call me Ean from now on.

Most of my cross stitch work has been given away, but I'll try to scrounge up a few pieces to photograph. Hmm.... a few pieces..... a few hours to load into the blog.... Is this really the best way to spend my holiday weekend? I'll sleep on it... that should get my priorities straight!

I will probably have a slight preoccupation with sleep. I am a nurse on an inpatient adolescent psychiatric unit in our university hospital. I work 4 nights a week from 12 midnight to 8:30 a.m. I think I will end up with a serious lack of sleep because (as I've been warned), blogging is addicting (and photo uploading time consuming... ) and who needs sleep???

Hope you all have a lovely day!


staci said...

Great photo! I once read somewhere that in the old samplers u/v were often interchangeable, and I can't remember but I think it's i/j were interchanged, so they often didn't stitch both. The ring tag I made for Harmien didn't have a 'J' in it either ;)

Anonymous said...

too funny
i just started looking at stitching blogs regularly since feb this year
had stitched in early years of life then had kids and quit
now in my mid 40s and stitching for fun again
nurse too
your blog is great
good work, funny and motivating
i just noticed that some letters are missing in samplers too
esp in old samplers
drives me nuts
but thats the way it was back then
i find it more satisfying to have all 26 present and accounted for
keep on blogging
thanks and smiles

Jean said...

Gee - I could've saved myself lots of time and frustration if I had known that about old samplers. Of course every time I would look at it, I'd think NO J!! NO V (U)!! So, now I will be able to sleep peacefully with the J and V(U) in place. Who cares if kids are screaming, trucks are honking and birds are chirping while I attempt to sleep during the day? I will be at peace with my 26 (letters)..... Thanks for your comments!