Thursday, July 17, 2008

Not a moment too soon!

Hi, fellow stitchers - my stash came in handy yesterday. Without going into gory details about my colonoscopy prep yesterday, let's say I was glad to have something to keep me distracted.
PUBLIC HEALTH ANNOUNCEMENT to all you women over 50 -time for your baseline colonoscopy. No, I don't want you to do it just because I did, I want you to do it so I won't have to keep bugging you! My friend at work never had one, has colon cancer and has been on a campaign to get us all scheduled for a colonoscopy so we can avoid what she went through. When diagnosed early it has a high success rate for treating this cancer. So - that said - go to the phone and get started. You won't be sorry (once it's over!!). I'm thrilled that mine was A-OK!
I was all ready to come home from my appointment and start my vacation. I was going to call someone to go to lunch, then shop then relax on the front porch stitching. NOT! The nurse comes in and says "Don't DRIVE for 24 hours, don't go back to work today if you were planning to, don't exercise, or get this - make any major decisions on the day of the exam! Heck - what's left??? Ok, I didn't ask about stitching because I didn't want to give her any ideas of more prohibitions so I headed home to A) Clean up the house (so much for don't work) B) EAT!! the clear liquid diet for 24 hours was a bit limiting and C) cross stitch. I am happy to say I completed part of A, all of B and I'm on C.
Update - baby great niece has been named - Ella Grace. Can't wait to see her.
I'm making more of an effort to get better at posting photos. Still can't figure out how to get them where you want them!
Thanks for everyone who has been visiting my blog and leaving comments! I'll be visiting yours, too. Now, back to B or C!


staci said...

Glad that everything came out ok :)

You can click and drag the pics to move them around :)

Michele said...

you are such a good girl! I still need to schedule mine .. I've heard all the horror stories :)

Irishenchantment said...

check out my blog for a suprise!